About Bianca

“I’ve never regretted walking through an open door.”

– Bianca Motley Broom

I believe in the potential of College Park.

It’s why I chose this community. When I saw my future home for the first time, I imagined what it was going to be, and not just what it was. I feel the same way about our city.

I moved to College Park in 2008, relocating, like many people, for the airport. I traveled across the country for several years for my job as an attorney. I was drawn to College Park because of its people. I remember how touched I was to receive a welcome basket from the Historic College Park Neighborhood Association, and how proud I was to be asked to serve on its board several years later.

When friends asked me to join the governing board of The Main Street Academy, I had no idea I would ultimately serve as the board president, but I accepted the challenge of guiding the organization because I know how important it is for our children to have access to a quality education. My experience at TMSA nurtured a commitment to serve that started at an early age.

I grew up with parents who instilled in me the importance of being engaged in my community. My mother is a lifelong educator. She started as a preschool teacher, and worked to earn her Ph.D. when I was a sophomore in high school. She went on to teach community college students until her retirement a few years ago. I remember as a little girl seeing my father invest in our neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio by launching his own run for city council and working for the county housing authority as a maintenance supervisor.

For me, working as an attorney and judge was another way to pour into others. After attending Duke University for my undergraduate studies, I earned a law degree from Washington University of Law. Last year, I received an MBA with honors from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. I started my career in Cleveland as an assistant county prosecutor, advocating for the community and victims of crime. In 2017, I was appointed to serve as a part-time judge in the Magistrate Court of Fulton County. It was yet another opportunity to serve, and I relished it. I saw the challenges our community faced, including crime, housing affordability and lack of employment opportunities. Confronting these issues from the bench gave me a unique perspective and charged me to find solutions that addressed their root causes.

Now, I serve people in a different way – I am a mediator for an award-winning firm in Atlanta. I lead people to find solutions to their disputes instead of battling in a courtroom. Mediation takes a mindset of cooperation, collaboration and a real ability to listen, which is exactly what I want to bring to College Park.

Achieving our potential won’t be easy, but I don’t run from a challenge – especially when it comes to the city I love. College Park is ready for a community-centered visionary dedicated to building an economically strong, culturally rich, and safe city where everyone thrives. Together, we can reach new heights and build the community we deserve.

Bianca Motley Broom

The Leader We Need for the Community We Deserve.